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Why Is Feedback Such a Big Deal?


How Feedback Can Help Anyone

Feedback is probably the most underrated and most valuable source for becoming a better anything. Seriously, I’ve been thinking about feedback and how it can be a source of fuel to entrepreneurs. Whether in Web Design, Development, or even in teaching and leading others in their dreams and goals it keeps us going. With constructive honest feedback you can better yourself at your craft, or make an existing product better. Last but not least, feedback is where the community gets involved.

Some Constructive Feedback Can Go a Long Way

Ever design something or show off a Website you helped develop to a friend and they responded “Cool”! This is a good start but not a very constructive amount of feedback. What if your friend said “I like the overall design, but the contrast is kind of soft which makes the content hard to read”. Now you have something to work with, and to consider the next time you approach a design.

Feedback from a friend or peer in your line of work can have more weight than another source, but you’ll find the more the better. Feedback from a social Website can help you get more traffic to your site, or help you make a friend (always a win).

What Is Unconstructive Feedback?

I’m pretty sure we both know what this is, but it doesn’t hurt to review. If someone gives you feedback like “You did a bang up job”, or the repugnant “It doesn’t pop”, you can classify this as unconstructive feedback. But what about “I don’t like it”, is this unconstructive? No. This response could prove to be beneficial depending on what follows. This should be promptly replied with “What don’t you like about it”? You could get some valuable pointers out of feedback like this. Feedback shouldn’t be all praises and likes. Think of what you can offer that would improve or edify the given subject.

Feedback Inhibitions

Ever get nervous about leaving feedback on one of those uber popular blogs where the Designer who runs it has published apps, scripts, icons, pictograms, and books that you use daily? Don’t be nervous, be respectful about it and leave some feedback. Mention how you use their creations in your projects over twitter. Show your support for their work by giving them feedback. Who knows they might return the favor when they see how you incorporated their creation into yours, wouldn’t you like that?

  • Alyssa Krueger

    This was a very informative article and a good reminder to not just observe but to be involved with the process of the blogs and other digital (and even non-digital) creations that we come into contact with. I think that your comment about the design being soft and the content being hard to read applies to this site. Also, it might be helpful to have a few people proof read for grammar. But the content was excellent!

    • Adam Krueger

      Hey thanks! (do I know you?). I thrive on constructive and supportive feedback. Without it I find myself getting board and complacent. Keep it up!

  • Alan Jenkins

    Good read, sir.

    I don’t ever tell you how much I appreciate your hard work. Thanks a million, Adam!