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Standard Social Share Buttons


Let’s share, like mother taught us to.

Sharing content on the Web is HUGE, literally everyone is doing it! At the same time, it’s a bit overrated. There’s a lot of half-baked ideas and lemmings regurgitating things they’ve read all over the place. Thankfully (more…)

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Overcoming Obstacles

It’s The End of The World!

Having been a month since my last blog post I was beginning to feel my new blog was a failure. My world as I knew it was fading away and I was being sucked into the abyss of boredom and mediocrity. (more…)

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Same Height Bad-boy Layout


Here’s How It All Began

Recently I rebooted my website, I wanted to make it responsive, portray industry standard practices of coding, and it needed a flexible same height column layout. I built my WordPress theme on HTML5, CSS3, and used the LESS preprocessor. It was extremely enjoyable and I learned a few more useful approaches to responsive/fluid layouts. (more…)

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