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Bookmarklet: Image Resolution Comparison Tool

Test Your Images For Acceptable Resolutions With This Bookmarklet

Bookmarklet to test the images for acceptable resolutions. A great tool to make sure client’s use their CMS correctly when adding images.

A co-worker of mine asked me if there was a tool to check if the adjusted image height and width was far off from the image’s native height and width. I couldn’t think of seeing a took like this before, but figured it wouldn’t be too hard to create.

I made this bookmarklet in jQuery then converted it to pure javascript (yay jQuery for fast prototyping). Feel free to use, and let me know if you come up with any cool improvement ideas!

Check Image Resolutions

(Click and drag link into bookmark bar to use on other sites!)

To see the javascript I used, please checkout this Gist on GitHub: Bookmarklet: Image Resolution Comparison Tool

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Standard Social Share Buttons


Let’s share, like mother taught us to.

Sharing content on the Web is HUGE, literally everyone is doing it! At the same time, it’s a bit overrated. There’s a lot of half-baked ideas and lemmings regurgitating things they’ve read all over the place. Thankfully (more…)

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Overcoming Obstacles

It’s The End of The World!

Having been a month since my last blog post I was beginning to feel my new blog was a failure. My world as I knew it was fading away and I was being sucked into the abyss of boredom and mediocrity. (more…)

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